Pendulum Balance

Government at all levels plays a proper and important role in protecting our lives, families, rights, property, and freedoms. Without it, or without enough of it, society falls into anarchy and chaos at worse, or at the very least, disorder and unnecessary conflict and discord. However, too much government control can be just as harmful as precious individual liberties are eroded or even wiped out in the name of the common good only to become one of many flavors of tyranny. Whether by a crazed dictator or a well meaning local government working with honest hearts toward the common good of our communities, oppression of individual liberties is still a flavor and degree of tyranny. In truth, there is no common good in a world without individual liberty. Unchecked, the common good eventually becomes common bondage. The Founding Fathers were acutely aware of the tension and struggle between anarchy and tyranny and taught of the need to work for the stable balance between the two. They warned against the instability that comes from "The Pendulum" swinging too much in either direction. In order to protect our individual liberties and ensure this stable balance, the Founding Fathers authored the Constitution of the United States. We the people, and our elected officials must understand, protect, and live by this essential document that was created to protect us.

Elections are a choice we make about how much or how little control we want government to have over our lives. Like President Ronald Reagan, I believe "'We the People' tell the government what to do; it doesn't tell us." I am sincerely grateful to public officials for their sacrifice and thankless service. However, in choosing who I support and vote for, I seek to "Balance the Pendulum." We should all constantly re-evaluate where we sit in the swing of the pendulum. I hope that our elected official's votes from public office, and our votes from the ballot box, can be strongly influenced by concern for this balance. Because the natural momentum is to swing toward more government control, and because I so fiercely value individual liberty, I strongly favor people who's natural inclination is to push back against the steady and inevitable growth of government. But, if on occasion the pendulum is in danger of swinging back toward government not being able to fulfill its proper role, I adjust as necessary to bring it back into balance. We must keep ourselves and our communities in the proper balance where we can achieve public good and community vision while vigilantly respecting and protecting individual liberties.

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